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Pate - Served with toast and garnish £4.50

Prawn Cocktail- Seved with Brown Bread £5.00

Homade soup of the day - Served with a warm baguette £4.00

Whitebait - Served with brown bread and a salad garnish £5.00

Chicken Coujons with sweet chilli dip - Served with a salad garnish £4.50

Garlic Bread - £3.25

Garlic Bread with cheese £3.75

Potato Skins - Various fillings, Cheese, chilli, bacon etc £4.95 - £6.25

Main Courses

Homemade pie of the day- topped with shortcrust pastry, served with chips & peas or new potatoes and & seasonal vegetables £ 9.50

Gammon Steak- Served with egg or pinapple, chips, peas, mushrooms and onion rings £9.95

Chicken Breast- Served with sauce of the day, choice of potatoes, seasonal vegetables or salad £9.50

10oz Sirloin Steak- served with chips, peas, onion rings and mushrooms £13.95

Homecooked Hamtwo locally sourced eggs and chips£6.95

Sausage,two locally sourced eggs and chips£6.95

All Day Breakfast- Jumbo Sausage, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoe, beans and two toast £7.95

Cod Chips and Peas  £9.50

Scampi Chips and Peas - Served with a salad garnish £9.50

Grilled Plaice- Served with New Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables £9.95

Curry of the Day- Served with rice and salad £9.00

Chilli Con Carne- Served with rice and salad £9.00

Lasagne- Served with chips or full salad £9.50

Build a Burger or choose a side!

6oz Burger and Chips£5.50




Extra Toppings: Egg, mushroom, onion rings 50p each

Prince of Wales Burger and Chips£9.00

Jumbo Sausage with fried onions in a warm baguette£4.95

Chips £2.50

Cheesy Chips £2.95

Chips with Gravy £2.95

Chips and Curry Sauce £3.25

Vegetarian Menu

Vegetable Curry -Served with rice and salad £9.00

Vegetable Lasgane- Served with chips or full salad £9.00

Vegetarian Burger - Served with chips and a salad garnish £6.75

Vegetarian Sausages - Served with chips and peas £7.50


Kids Menu

Scampi Chips and Peas £5.00

Eggs Chips and Beans £5.00

Sausage Mash and Peas £5.00

Chicken Nuggetts, Chips and Peas £5.00

Fish Fingers, Chips and Peas £5.00

Cheese and Tomato Pizza and Salad £5.00

Ice Cream - Two scoops of Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry £2.50

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